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GT Performance Cars AB provides warranty on the cars sold under the conditions below

With us you can always buy up to 3 years warranty through Solid. Talk to one of our sales representatives for more information.


This warranty applies to cars sold by GT Performance Cars to consumers. The guarantee does not apply to subsequent purchasers.

With the exceptions stated in point two, the warranty covers defects that appear or occur during the warranty period/driving distance. Normal wear and tear is not considered a failure. A used car can sometimes have defects, taking into account its price, age and mileage, without these being considered as faults.

If the consumer wishes to invoke this guarantee because of a defect in the car, he must inform GT Performance Cars AB as soon as possible. A claim must always be made within a reasonable time and within the time and maximum mileage covered by the warranty. If this is not done, the consumer loses his right to make a warranty claim. GT Performance Cars AB is entitled to charge the consumer for the costs of an inspection or similar investigation resulting from an unfounded complaint, if the consumer has been informed of these costs in advance.


If a defect has existed at the time of delivery or has occurred within the stated warranty period/distance, GT Performance Cars AB undertakes to remedy the defect free of charge at the workshop designated by GT Performance Cars AB. The remedy must be carried out without significant inconvenience to the consumer and within a reasonable time, normally two weeks from the date on which the consumer has notified GT Performance Cars AB of the defect. In assessing what constitutes reasonable time or significant inconvenience in the individual case, account shall be taken of the consumer’s need for the car, the nature and extent of the defect, the difficulty of identifying the defect and the time at which the consumer has placed the car at GT Performance Cars AB’s disposal. If GT Performance Cars AB provides a loan car, this shall be taken into account when assessing what is considered a reasonable time for the repair.

If the defect has not been remedied in accordance with paragraph 5, the consumer may deduct from the purchase price an amount corresponding to the defect, claim reasonable compensation for remedying the defect or rescind the contract if at least three unsuccessful attempts to remedy the defect have been made and the defect is of significant importance to him. In the event of cancellation, the consumer must return the car and GT Performance Cars AB will refund the purchase price. The returned car must be in normal condition, apart from the defect giving rise to the claim and normal wear and tear. GT Performance Cars AB is entitled to compensation for the benefit the consumer has derived from the car (including compensation for depreciation). The consumer shall receive, after deduction, at least an amount enabling him to purchase a car which is free of defects and which corresponds, in terms of standard and condition, to the car returned at the time of cancellation.

The content of this guarantee does not in any way limit the consumer’s right to invoke the rules of the Consumer Sales Act in lieu of the guarantee. According to the law, the seller is responsible for defects that have existed at the time of delivery. However, defects discovered within six months shall be deemed to have existed at the time of delivery, unless the seller can prove otherwise or this is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the defect. For defects discovered more than six months after delivery, the consumer must make it probable that the defect existed at the time of delivery. The consumer can always complain about a defect within three years of delivery if it is done within two months of discovery. This means that the Consumer Sales Act may provide the consumer with a protection not afforded by this guarantee.

If a dispute between the consumer and the seller concerning this guarantee cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the consumer may apply to the National Complaints Board (ARN). Disputes can also be heard by a general court.

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